The third-party Genesis "title wave" has begun... Sega sweetens the deal!

The thrilling Hellfire print ad.
4 megabits

Another Genesis shooter, reputed to be insanely difficult even on the easiest setting.

"This game can't be praised for originality, but Hellfire does, at least, deliver the action. Many may not find this a good enough reason to buy it, but some will. After all, there has to be a reason why so many scrolling, side-view shooters are around."
- Howard H. Wen, VG&CE December 1990

"The Genesis version even goes one step beyond the arcade game - there are several exclusive features, including a super weapon that's designed to destroy enemies with one shot."
- Buyer's Guide, Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide Fall 1990

Perhaps this is where Sega got their ideas for Panzer Dragoon...
4 megabits

A vertically scrolling shooter with dragons and mythological foes.

"Far more interesting visually than Thunder Force II or Truxton, Phelios is deserving of a place in a Genesis fan's library of games."
- Joshua Mandel, VG&CE October 1990

"Phelios takes the traditional vertically scrolling shooter, transforms it with dazzling graphics and sound, and tosses in an overlay of Greek mythology."
- Buyer's Guide, Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide Fall 1990

This time it's a girl in spandex, which makes all the difference!
Burning Force
4 megabits

Burning Force is similar in its presentation to the Space Harrier series. This game, however, features powerups, which may not sound like much but make Burning Force a rather different experience.

"Color rotating backgrounds and sloppy game play add to an old concept of a game. Nice try guys but we want new games, not old hack."
- G. O. G., Mega Play February 1991

Just when you thought you had seen it all...
Thunder Force III
4 megabits

Thunder Force III remains to this day my favourite 16-bit shooter, and a brilliant demonstration of the power of the Genesis system. The graphics are incredibly detailed and make use of some awesome special-effects (such as the line-scrolling flames in one stage), and the music is just as good.

Perhaps even more remarkable than the game itself is the fact that Technosoft was able to squeeze this vastly superior sequel into a cartridge equal in size to the one used by Thunder Force II...

"Each of the eight alien landscapes is an innovative and beautiful display of 16-bit graphics."
- Buyer's Guide, Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide Fall 1990

Fire Shark
4 megabits

As a nice change of pace, Fire Shark was a vertically scrolling shooter, which made it completely different from the other six-thousand shooters that had already been released on the Genesis system at the time. Or something...

Target Earth
4 megabits

I don't know much about this game, although it appears to have developed something of a cult following. A sequel, entitled Assault Suit Leynos, was produced several years later for Sega's Saturn system.

"Target Earth, by DreamWorks, is best described as a sci-fi Mario Bros.-like shoot-'em-up. (I hope that's helpful)."
- Frank Eva, VG&CE September 1990

"Save your kidnapped sister and destroy his diabolical plan to take over the world!"
Bimini Run
4 megabits

From what I understand, Bimini Run was a third-person 3D shooter (like Space Harrier). What set it apart was the "sea-motif," and the fact that its title made use of the word "Bimini"...

"The game's biggest flaw is that its arcade aspect - the constant need to shoot everything that moves - tends to get frustrating and interferes with, rather than complements, the adventure aspect."
- Jeff Lundrigan, Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide April/May 1991

Coming Soon! (If you consider the 43rd century soon...)
4 megabits

For reasons unknown (by me, at least), this action/RPG was advertised but never released in North America...

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