Sega Tribute Video
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BACK IN DECEMBER OF 2000, things looked pretty good for Sega's latest game console, the Dreamcast. Games like Skies of Arcadia and Resident Evil: Code Veronica had helped make Sega's little white box a favourite of mine.

Perhaps because of millenium-induced nostalgia, I thought I'd throw together a video detailing the advances video games had made over the previous twenty years. So I hooked up my various game systems to my camcorder, starting with the old Mattel Intellivision and ending with the Sega Dreamcast, and made a little "music video" for each system. Naturally, the tune selected for each video was generated by the console being featured. The result of this effort was a project that I imaginatively called The Evolution of Video Games.

Well, 2001 wasn't quite so rosy for Sega. The Dreamcast got undeservedly steamrolled out of the marketplace by PlayStation 2, and Sega decided that they'd had enough of making their own consoles and would from now on just make games for other systems. It was a sad time for diehard Sega fans...

The death of Sega's line of game consoles made my optimistic little Evolution video seem all the more poignant. I had ended the video with footage from the Dreamcast lineup, fully expecting that Sega would just go on and on. But Sega's console lineage didn't go on, and so I began to look at my video as more of a tribute to Sega (whose games made up the bulk of its footage) than as... er, whatever I thought it was in the first place.

I have decided to make my tribute video available here on FORS YARD for a limited time. I have excised the footage from other systems in order to make the video a wall to wall salute to Sega. They may have only been number one once, but they sure gave the game industry and gamers alike an amazing ride while it lasted...