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Launch your sword like a blazing boomerang!
Crusader of Centy
16 megabits

Known as Soleil in Europe, Crusader of Centy is an action/RPG that is often viewed as the Genesis system's answer to Nintendo's Zelda series. Sega of America apparently considered publishing the game in North America themselves, but ultimately passed on it in favour of Beyond Oasis, leaving the door open for Atlus to step in.

As RPGs of any sort were relatively rare at this point in the Genesis sytem's lifespan, the game received mostly positive press when it was released.

"Although Crusader of Centy doesn't sport the frightening effects of Ranger-X, it does feature masterful design, great character animation and some of the most original gameplay ever for the Genesis."
- Nick Rox, GameFan April 1995

"Centy is a mirror image of the immensely popular Zelda, and is a load of fun that Genesis owners have yet to experience."
- Next Generation March 1994

Before wizardry was cool.
Vic Tokai

One of the many cutesy, scrolling platform games that were ubiquitous in the early 90s, Flink was initially set for a cartridge release, but eventually came out on the Sega CD instead, featuring enhanced music. The game was developed by Psygnosis, who also released a version for the Amiga CD32 platform.

GameFan loved it, but reviews elsewhere were mixed.

"After Sony chickened out on what is quite simply the best Genesis game they would have ever had, little Vic Tokai comes along and buys the rights to the ultimate Sega CD platformer."
- Nick Rox, GameFan January 1995

"Flink comes perilously close to being so average it makes your brain begin to bleed, but the game still comes up with enough inventive touches, details, and sharp, colorful graphics so that, in the final outcome, the positives outweigh the negatives."
- Next Generation June 1995

24 megabits

I'm not sure what exactly the Tempo character is supposed to be (weevil? pygmy marmoset perhaps?), but doubtless he marches through the mind-blowingly colourful levels of this funky game with much "attitude". I haven't played it, however, so I can't confirm this hypothesis...

"Tempo himself is a cool little character, and much of the game is highly original and very Japanese - all the more reason to lose the lame American tunes."
- Nick Rox, GameFan April 1995

"Sega, having run out of rodent platform heroes, is now moving on to the insect world."
- Next Generation May 1995

Colour commentary from Marv Albert.
NHL All-Star Hockey 95
16 megabits

Sega continued to beat their heads against the wall in 1995 with their latest sports title. Gamers no doubt flocked to EA's NHL '95 instead.

"All-Star is a distant second place to NHL '95. This is a second purchase for hockey diehards who have to buy every hockey game ever made. For everyone else, slapshoot your dollars elsewhere."
- Cal Cavalier, GameFan April 1995

Supreme court!
NBA Action '95
24 megabits

Sega, David Robinson, and Marv Albert come together once again in NBA Action '95, which features real NBA teams and players.

Special K.
Coach K College Basketball
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

Continuing the onslaught of Genesis basketball games, here we have EA's Coach K College Basketball, featuring some sort of contribution from Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski. Not really my thing, but contemporary reviews were praiseworthy.

"Wow! Coach 'K' College Basketball takes the Genesis version of NBA Live '95 and tweaks it just enough to make it a better, more complete simulation than the original."
- Talko, GameFan March 1995

"This game is easily the best attempt yet at capturing the excitement of March madness."
- Next Generation May 1995

Only the second franchise on the Genesis to feature underwater dolphin-based action.
seaQuest DSV
Malibu Games
16 megabits

Sculptured Software developed this game based on the 90s sci-fi TV series of the same name. One of the first games to feature 3D rendered graphics, the SNES version is generally considered visually superior, although the Genesis port has a more forgiving password system.

"If you have both systems, the SNES version is far superior. But Genesis owners won't be disappointed (unless they play the SNES first like we did)."
- Next Generation February 1995

Rash action.
Road Rash 3
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

A Genesis exclusive, Road Rash 3 includes elements from the popular 3DO entry in the series.

"The Genesis cart takes all the new biker animation and track layout from the highly successful (and very impressive) 3DO version... The best 16bit Road Rash to date, and that's saying something."
- Next Generation April 1995

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