Genesis... It's a whole lot more! Sega won't back down from a fight... EA's 1991 Genesis lineup in handy poster form.

"Liberate Marvel Land from the clutches of the evil Mole King."
Marvel Land
8 megabits

Part of Namco's second round of Genesis software, Marvel Land no doubt fit into the cutesy platform game genre (occupied by games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Decapattack) quite well. I've never played it, but the graphics look nice and colourful...

"It's not recommended for Genesis aficionados (the game screen graphics are way below 16-bit par), but Marvel Land should be a nice addition to those accustomed more to NES material than the typical Genesis fare."
- Howard H. Wen, VG&CE October 1991

Namco enters the ever-crowded ATV racing genre with Quad Challenge...
Quad Challenge
4 megabits

A rather drab-looking ATV racing game from Namco, Quad Challenge's main claim to fame appears to have been its split-screen two player mode.

"Quad Challenge's graphics are unimpressive ... The wonderful graphics capabilities of the Genesis are wasted here. On the plus side, the musical soundtracks (there are several from which to choose) are lively and well composed."
- Clayton Walnum, VG&CE December 1991

Starflight's two-page spread.
Electronic Arts
8 megabits

Although it looks similar to Star Control in screenshots, Starflight is actually a very different sort of game. Most of the player's time is spent exploring the game's surprisingly vast universe, landing on planets and locating mineral deposits to mine. When the player lands on a planet's surface, he takes control of a lander vehicle, driving around potentially inhospitable terrain in search of goodies. It's more fun than it sounds...

There are also the obligatory space battles against weird alien races, but Starflight handles even these encounters in a unique way. For example, the player is required to repair damaged sections of his ship while the battle takes place, which adds a sense of urgency to the proceedings. There's nothing quite like desperately trying to repair your engines while being fired upon by a fleet of enemy fighters!

I suppose Starflight is something of an acquired taste, and indeed some players might be put off by the game's startlingly open-ended exploration system, but I would reccommend playing it at least once. If nothing else, it's a decent game from Electronic Arts that doesn't involve John Madden...

"Exploring the solar system and landing on various planets is interesting and the game is highly detailed. Not spectacular but solid game play wins me over."
- Martin Alessi, EGM November 1991

"Even if you beat Starflight, you'll want to play again and again because you can play from so many different angles - new crews, new paths, etc."
- Videohead, GamePro October 1991

Look! It's the governor of California...
The Terminator
8 megabits

A side-scrolling action/platform game from Virgin, the people who would go on to bring you Cool Spot, Global Gladiators and Aladdin.

"The sound effects are like none we've seen before."
- Dave, Mega Play November/December 1991

Further proof that it's not just women who are portrayed unrealistically in game ads...
Thunder Fox
4 megabits

I don't know much about Thunder Fox, but it's from Taito so it can't be all bad, right?

Rescue the prince? What is the world coming to...
Trouble Shooter
Vic Tokai
4 megabits

A scrolling shooter featuring female protagonists, Trouble Shooter bears a slight resemblance to Capcom's Forgotten Worlds.

IIRC, there was a sequel of sorts to this game some years later on the Sega CD.

"Even if you think there are too many Genesis shooters around make room for Trouble Shooter; it's superb! The brightly colored graphics are beautiful and painted in the style of Japanese cartoons. The digitized voices and sound effects are great. Every level is enhanced with multi-scrolling backgrounds and different soundtracks."
- Doctor Dave, GamePro January 1992

"Female leads are hot!"
- G.O.G., Mega Play November/December 1991

Mario on Genesis.
Mario Lemieux Hockey
4 megabits

Mario Lemieux Hockey was largely overshadowed by Electronic Arts' NHL Hockey, much like the Joe Montana Football series was largely ignored in favour of the Madden titles. I'm afraid I haven't played Mario, so I can't comment on its relative virtues.

"Electronic Arts' NHL Hockey blows this one away in every respect. But, if you're into Mario, he's on Genesis!"
- G.O.G., Mega Play November/December 1991

Finally, somebody satisfies the voracious "dinosaur-pinball" fanbase out there!
Dino Land
4 megabits

Dinosaurs and pinball come together at last in Dino Land by Renovation! As I find pinball games about as exciting as watching paint that is already dry remain dry, I never purchased this game...

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