"[The TurboDuo system is] an 8 bit pure and simple, plain as day, and I don't care how many colors it can display, show me a Hu Card that looks as good as Gunstar Heroes and I'll eat a car."
- The Postmeister, GameFan October 1993

Battletoads on Genesis, warts and all...
8 megabits

Battletoads was one of the most well-received titles of the waning years of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Unfortunately, by the time the Genesis port was released, gamers had already seen early screenshots of Super Battletoads on the SNES and were undoubtedly left somewhat underwhelmed with this relatively straightforward conversion of the NES game...

"I'm really beginning to wonder if the Genesis is really 16-Bit! After disasters like Fatal Fury, it's hard not to wonder. Battletoads is no exception ... I felt like I was playing the 8-Bit and in fact, I like the 8-Bit better."
- Sushi-X, EGM April 1993

Who needs Street Fighter when you can have Fatal Fury?
Fatal Fury
12 megabits

The Genesis conversion of Fatal Fury helped to fill the gaping one-on-one-fighter void in the Sega system's library until the much anticipated release of Street Fighter II later in the year.

The Neo-Geo arcade conversion's release was not without controversy, however, as Electronic Gaming Monthly felt that Fatal Fury's controls were too unresponsive to enjoy. GameFan, on the other hand, took the opposite stance and accused EGM of outright boneheadedness in their review.

SNK no doubt took their cash from Takara for the game's conversion rights and slowly backed away...

"Sad to say but the Genesis version is not as good as I would have hoped it to be. The game play suffers from slow response and the special moves are quite difficult to activate."
- Martin Alessi, EGM April 1993

"I guess when you get so fat off ad revenues you don't need quality anymore, or good reviewers because the boneheads [EGM] review of Fatal Fury was way off. How do you think Takara felt when they read those reviews?"
- Postmeister, GameFan June 1993

Microprose's ill-advised attempt to endorse piracy...
Pirates! Gold
8 megabits

Years before Skies of Arcadia was even a mere glimmer in Reiko Kodama's eye, Microprose helped to pioneer video game piracy with Pirates! Gold. It is a legacy they would no doubt rather forget...

Yet more Genesis football action, this time from the people who brought you Battletoads!
Pro Quarterback
8 megabits

Tradewest apparently felt that there hadn't been enough football games for the Genesis system already, so they decided to release Pro Quarterback. As far as I can tell, no one really noticed...

Behold the staggering One Armed Head Butt!
Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game
Flying Edge
8 megabits

Flying Edge brought the third installment in the Double Dragon series to the Genesis system in 1993, this time drawing as much attention to the game's arcade lineage as possible. By this point, though, most gamers had already been hit by Street Fighter fever so this title passed by largely unnoticed.

Taito's multi-platform strategy takes shape...
Chase HQ II
8 megabits

Chase HQ, a sort of cops-and-robbers take on Outrun, was one of the more popular arcade series of the late eighties and early nineties so Taito decided to release a Genesis conversion of the second installment in 1993. Genesis owners who had up until now been staring wistfully at the TurboGrafx-16 version of the game on store shelves could at last revel in part two at their leisure...

"This adds a nice twist to the usual behind-the-car perspective of so many racing games: you get to bash the criminals to a halt!"
- Mike Weigand, EGM October 1993

Hang on to your balls - it's PGA Golf 2 !
PGA Tour Golf 2
Electronic Arts
8 megabits

More courses and shinier graphics were just a few of the new features to be found in EA's latest PGA game. Take that, Arnold Palmer!

"Still visually disappointing, but even more playable... the biggest and richest golf video game on the market."
- Josh Mandel, VG&CE February 1993

Yet more Genesis golf action, this time from Accolade.
Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf
8 megabits

Signing up pretty much the only remaining celebrity golf player who didn't already have a Genesis franchise, Accolade released Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf in 1993.

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