It seems that Sega hoped the promise of electrocution would help sell their redesigned Sega CD system... EA's game library continues to expand.

Sony's "revolutionary" Ground Zero Texas.
Ground Zero Texas
Sony Imagesoft

Part of the long line of FMV games for the Sega CD, Ground Zero Texas is at least somewhat unique in that its plot centers around an alien invasion of Texas and the hilarity which ensues...

"GZT is a great new CD and is recommended. Definitely the best game in its genre."
- Brody, GameFan January 1994

Unleash the Beast!
Beauty and the Beast - Roar of the Beast
8 megabits

In a somewhat unusual move, Sunsoft decided to release two Genesis games based on the Beauty and the Beast license at the same time. Perhaps this is what ultimately influenced Nintendo to release various colour-coded Pokemon titles simultaneously...

"The play mechanics here are quite simple but the control is excellent so younger or less experienced game players should have no problem negotiating the levels."
- Takahara, GameFan November 1993

No, wait... Leash up that damn beast!
Beauty and the Beast - Belle's Quest
8 megabits

Here we have the other half of Sunsoft's Beauty and the Beast duo, this game featuring Belle in the pivotal role. The game appears to have been targeted at a younger, female audience, which makes it a somewhat unique part of the Genesis system's library.

I wonder if Madden's flying that jet?
F-117 Night Storm
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

EA's spiritual successor to F-22 Interceptor features similar polygonal graphics, this time on a much larger cartridge. I'm afraid I haven't played this one, though, so I'm not sure how much of an improvement the additional ROM actually made...

"Any of these guys could kick Guile's butt."
Eternal Champions
24 megabits

I wouldn't be surprised if Sega began work on their answer to Street Fighter II long before they found out that Capcom intended to release their top tier fighter for the Genesis. Unfortunately, Sega's attempt at one-upmanship proved to be a critical failure, while Street Fighter-mania continued unabated.

Sega would have a chance to redeem themselves, however, with the release of an expanded and improved version of Eternal Champions on the Sega CD the following year. Capcom, on the other hand, would ultimately opt to stick with increasingly hefty Genesis cartridges, including the largest Genesis cartridge ever released...

"What's impressive about this game is the size and animation of the characters, but that, unfortunately, is about it. The moves are boring and the use of the spirit meter detracts from the game instead of adding to it. As far as music goes, all I have to say is make sure you have the TV on mute."
- The Enquirer, GameFan December 1993

"I must admit, I was very disappointed with Eternal Champions. The graphics are not up to par, the sounds need work and the characters aren't exciting. Practically all of their moves are charge moves, which gets old after a while."
- Sushi-X, EGM January 1994

Parting Thoughts...

"Sega has announced that they plan to release Saturn in Japan by November, 1994. The general feeling from our sources in Japan is that the Saturn is superior to Sega's current 32-bit arcade hardware. If this is so, then there are going to be many thrilled, bleary-eyed gamers when the system is released next year - happily zooming through Virtual Racing and Rad-Mobile."
- Kei Kuboki, GameFan November 1993

"At this point the ... [Saturn] system is about 40% developed and Sega hasn't decided between one 32-Bit CPU or two."
- Kei Kuboki, GameFan December 1993

"The Saturn is what I'm excited about. It looks like Sega has really thought about the details and the next level of gaming ... As far as Project Reality is concerned, I don't believe that it exists. Every time a competitor is about to roll-out a new product, Nintendo dreams-up some new fantasy project. Time will tell but, obviously, I'm skeptical."
- David Perry, GameFan November 1993

"All I can really tell you at this time is that there is very strong development being pursued by Sony with an eye toward marketing advanced entertainment hardware."
- Olaf Olaffson (President, Sony Imagesoft), GameFan September 1993

"Sony Computer Entertainment will launch its new CD-based game system by the end of 1994 in Japan. American and European rollout is currently slated for mid 1995."
- "Press Start", EGM December 1993

"For the year prior to the Saturn, Sega will continue to dazzle us with the Genesis, a system that has turned out to be much more than anyone ever thought and is destined to become a hardware legend."
- E. Storm, GameFan December 1993

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