"I don't have any special chips or anything else. If any music composer knows the peculiarities of Genesis' sound chip, anyone can do it."
- Yuzo Koshiro, GameFan December 1993

He's back!
The Terminator

The Sega CD version of The Terminator features additional levels not found in the Genesis cartridge, as well as an all new CD soundtrack from Tommy Tallarico of Earthworm Jim fame.

Hellacious weaponry!
AH-3 Thunderstrike
JVC/Core Design

Core Design's third Sega CD title after Wonder Dog and Jaguar XJ220, AH-3 Thunderstrike once again demonstrates a degree of familiarity with the intricacies of the system's hardware few developers could match. Hardware assisted scaling and rotation effects are present throughout the game, and no doubt contributed to its warm critical reception upon release.

This series made its final appearance with the release of Thunderstrike 2 on the Sega Saturn system in 1995. A year later, Core hit the big time with Tomb Raider and the rest is history...

"Core should write a text book on how to design Sega CD games; Wonder Dog, Jaguar XJ220 and now AH-3 Thunderstrike. They've done it again. TS has a first person, scaling environment under your control that is breathtaking."
- Sgt. Gamer, GameFan October 1993

"Games for this CD system keep getting better and better! AH-3 is a very good perspective attack chopper simulator with excellent scrolling, sound effects and weapons!"
- Mike Weigand, EGM November 1993

EA might disagree.
NFL Quarterback Club
8 megabits

I'm afraid I don't know much about NFL Quarterback Club, except to say that it was produced by Acclaim and therefore of somewhat suspect pedigree...

4D boxing!
Boxing Legends of the Ring
Electro Brain
8 megabits

For reasons unknown, the Genesis was never exactly awash in boxing simulations at any given time (at least, not in comparison to, say, football games), so Electro Brain's multiplatform title Boxing Legends of the Ring helped to fill that void.

"The SNES version boasts a little better color and animation than its Genesis cousin, but the Genesis game shows more sweat and blood."
- Talko, GameFan September 1993

"The fastest racing game on the planet!"
Formula One World Championship
8 megabits

Formula One World Championship combined sprites and polygons in a way that had never really been done before on the Genesis (ie. with a decent frame rate). The game was apparently good enough that even GameFan and EGM for once managed to agree with each other in their reviews...

"While Nintendo is flirting with polygon technology in Starfox, Domark takes the shaded primitives and moves them at incredible speeds to create the fastest driving game ever on a home system."
- Talko, GameFan October 1993

"By far, this is one of the best racing games that I've played on the Genesis in a long time. The game play is incredible and the number of options available keeps things interesting ... Smooth graphics are the highlight of this intense cart."
- Martin Alessi, EGM November 1993

As opposed to J. K. Rowling's Dracula?
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Sony Imagesoft
8 megabits/CD-ROM

Back in the days when Sony's video game department was synonymous with crap, the company brought forth their Genesis and Sega CD interpretation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. In an attempt to push the envelope, the Sega CD version of the game was to feature scrolling action in front of a full motion video backdrop.

Early preview copies of the game were poorly received, most notably by GameFan, so Sony took some extra time to improve the game before releasing it. Unfortunately, their creative retooling of the game doesn't appear to have made much difference in the end as it still faced a rather critical reception.

"Sony Imagesoft has done something that far too few companies are willing to do. They have taken a title that when finished just didn't quite cut it and instead of just dumping it on the market and letting the big license sell it they pulled it back and had the developers fix it up."
- E. Storm, GameFan November 1993

"I had a good laugh while I went through the first level punching birds and bats. Come on Sony, are we really supposed to have fun doing this? I think not! The full screen cinemas are so pixelated, you can't even see anything."
- Sushi-X, EGM January 1994

"Soar high above the enchanted Neverland."
Sony Imagesoft
8 megabits

Hook for the Genesis and Game Gear, based on the Spielberg film of the same name, made up part of Sony Imagesoft's stellar video game lineup of 1993...

Micro Machines, macro challenge!
Micro Machines
4 megabits

This overhead-perspective racing game is rather unique in that it features miniature model cars facing miniature road hazards, such as playing cards and orange juice stains.

For whatever reason, Micro Machines became something of a media darling in the UK in particular, scoring uniformly rave reviews and "Best Game Ever" declarations from the gaming mags of the day.

"The big plus to this micro game is the unique tracks. There are plenty of creative and humorous racing areas. Graphically the cars are nothing special but the background keep your eyes busy."
- Sushi-X, EGM September 1993

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