"I still maintain that the full motion video is a bust and, if Sega had included scaling and rotation hardware on the Mega Drive/Genesis, the CD would never have made it to market."
- Talko, GameFan December 1993

Nothing goes together like Ninjas and prehistoric beasts!
Dinosaurs For Hire
8 megabits

Based on the graphic novels by Tom Mason, Sega released Dinosaurs For Hire for the Genesis system in 1993 and never looked back... which would explain why there weren't any more games in this series...

"Overall, an entertaining shoot 'em-up. But at times, the programming looks shoddy and rushed."
- Mike Weigand, EGM November 1993

Wouldn't that make you a wolf-puppy?
8 megabits / CD-ROM

This reputedly run-of-the-mill scrolling action game is noteworthy primarily for the fact that it was released for both the Genesis and Sega CD systems. I presume that the CD version must have had a nicer soundtrack, but as I haven't played Wolfchild I am unable to confirm or deny that presumption...

"Wolfchild isn't necessarily a bad game, but the game's linear 'walk 'n punch' theme has been seen many times over and the game gets repetitive quite quickly. The ability to mutate into the wolf is neat, but it doesn't help an average game get a higher score."
- Danyon Carpenter, EGM December 1993

Space fairing?
The Lost Vikings
8 megabits

After a successful appearance on the SNES, Interplay's The Lost Vikings finally arrived on the Genesis in 1993. A warm critical reception greeted the game upon its release, but the franchise appears to have faded into obscurity over time.

"Normally, you might expect to lose a little in this translation, but in this case Sega users actually gain. Not only are the graphics just as good, but the music comes close and this version features new levels, not present on the SNES version."
- Mr. Goo, GameFan December 1993

"The music doesn't have the kick of the other version (or the truly colorful graphics), but still a good game!"
- Mike Weigand, EGM January 1994

Shock the monkey.
The Secret of Monkey Island

Upon its release in the early nineties, The Secret of Monkey Island fell neatly into the "graphic adventure" genre that was popular on PCs at the time. What set it apart, however, were its spooky settings and duel-by-wit battle system. Having to out-insult your opponent rather than hack him to death with your sword takes some getting used to, but brings with it its own unique set of rewards.

The Sega CD port is much the same as its PC/Mac progenitor, but has some additional load time thrown into the mix thanks to the Sega CD's pokey single speed CD-ROM drive.

"If you can live with the access time on the game, it's definitely one that will provide you with hours upon hours of awesome, hilarious game play."
- Joe D., GameFan June 1993

The first of a series, eh?
Mad Dog McCree
American Laser Games

Mad Dog McCree started out as an arcade game, and then made the rounds to the various CD-ROM based game systems like the 3DO and Sega CD. I've never had much time for FMV games, so I've never played Mad Dog, but judging from the reviews it seems I didn't miss much.

"From the first time you place the CD on the tray, load the game and see the beautiful one color (brown) "glass" bottles in the target practice round, you become aware of the CD's limitations with regard to motion video (at least for the time being)."
- Talko, GameFan November 1993

"Journey to the center of the mind."

Microcosm, a FMV-based shooter from Psygnosis, appeared on several platforms in the early nineties including the FM Towns computer system.

Not to be confused with Shadow of the Colossus.
Shadow of the Beast II

The Genesis version of Shadow of the Beast must have been something of a commercial success, as Psygnosis wasted no time releasing a conversion of the game's sequel for Sega's system in 1993. Genesis players suffering from Amiga-envy were no doubt enthralled...

These three don't look the romantic type.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III - Dragon of Destiny
8 megabits

Koei branched out into uncharted territory with the release of this historical military sim in 1993. Shortly thereafter, they went back to producing football and karaoke games...

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