Sega shills their new-look Sega CD, now bundled with Sewer Shark... ...while the Fighter Stick SG-6 destroys Genesis systems across the continent!

The revenge of Shinobi!
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
8 megabits

The long awaited final installment in Sega's Genesis ninja trilogy, Shinobi III gave gamers more of everything they wanted to see in the series. It was games like this that the Genesis could have really used in the dark days of 1992, but multiple delays led to the game's inclusion in Sega's stellar Genesis lineup for the fourth quarter of 1993 instead.

Sadly, Yuzo Koshiro was not involved in the development of Shinobi III, but the game's music was well received regardless and the change didn't seem to have any negative impact on reviews.

"From start to finish, this is a flawless game which incorporates everything a good action game needs to stay in the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere, for years to come."
- E. Storm, GameFan August 1993

"The third in the series is by far the best, accurately representing just how far the Genesis has come in just three years. Everything is better; graphics, music, control and design ... Thanks for the memories and two great games that will stay with me forever."
- Skid, GameFan September 1993

"Shinobi is back for a fourth time and he is an all-out winner. This time with more moves, more weapons and flawless control, Shinobi becomes the best game for the Genesis in a long, long time!"
- Steve Harris, EGM September 1993

Burning a CD, 1993-style!
Robo Aleste

This vertically scrolling shooter was part of the minority of titles released for the Sega CD that weren't either based around full-motion video or an upgrade to an existing cartridge game. Perhaps this is why Tengen opted not to call the game Musha CD, for fear of confusing consumers...

"Robo Aleste makes a strong case for the advantages of CD. The music, sound effects and special FX all combine to take the basic vertical shooter and bring it to the next level."
- Sgt. Gamer, GameFan August 1993

"The game is very good, but there's nothing more than CD music to set this game apart from cartridge shooters."
- Martin Alessi, EGM August 1993

"This is exactly what the Sega CD needs! Robo Aleste is a terrific shooter! Cool levels, nice weaponry and killer tunes make this one a winner in my book."
- Dave, Mega Play August 1993

Behold the power of the MC68000!
MiG-29 Fighter Pilot
8 megabits

Tengen's claim that MiG-29 Fighter Pilot was the "fastest-scrolling flight sim ever on the Genesis" appears to have been at odds with what contemporary reviewers were saying. Still, flight sims were somewhat rare in the 16-bit days so this game can perhaps then be filed in the "ahead of its time" category along with Hard Drivin' and Shove It - The Warehouse Game...

"This game looks as if someone took a Ginsu knife to it-choppy, choppy, choppy! It is like watching a flight simulator movie with every other frame on the film stock missing."
- Mike Weigand, EGM October 1993

Where's Ben Affleck when you need him?
8 megabits

Koei ventures into the simulation of more recent military history with P.T.O.. Unfortunately, they missed the whole World War II video game craze by about a decade...

"This is one of those games you either spend loads of time getting into, or it just passes you over. It's decent but not my bag."
- Sushi-X, EGM August 1993

"Score on these guys and you're a hero."
Brett Hull Hockey
8 megabits

With Brett Hull Hockey, Accolade seems to have briefly forgotten that only EA was allowed to release Genesis sports simulations. For shame!

Still, the game appears to have justified its existence by sporting an official NHLPA license and hockey legend Brett Hull's endorsement. Take that, Mario!

No, I'm not making this up.
Socks Rocks the Hill
8 megabits

Believe it or not, Kaneko almost released a Genesis and SNES game featuring Bill Clinton's pet cat, Socks. The plot centered around Socks' discovery of a "missing portable nuclear missile launch unit in his favorite napping spot, the basement of a foreign embassy", and "to avoid mass destruction" he must "return it to the White House and alert the first family". And much hilarity would ensue...

Unfortunately, Socks Rocks the Hill was never released thanks to the premature closure of Kaneko in North America, and as far as I'm aware nobody has attempted to release a Presidential Pet game since...

"He is so cool everything he touches bursts into color."
Fido Dido
8 megabits

Another of 7-Up's seemingly endless supply of cartoon mascots, Fido Dido was set to appear in this Genesis platform game until Kaneko USA went out of business. The loss of not only Fido Dido but Socks Rocks the Hill as well just makes the disappearance of Kaneko all the more tragic...

"The graphics are very well done, but the control gets very frustrating as does the game with each mandatory hit taken."
- Mike Weigand, EGM January 1994

Yet another cheesy sequel. Er, sorry.
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest
8 megabits

From what I can gather, Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest appears to have escaped the implosion of Kaneko USA that aborted the launch of both Fido Dido and Socks Rocks the Hill. This sequel received better reviews in the gaming press than its progenitor, but doesn't appear to have caused much of a stir otherwise.

"More time was obviously taken this time around and improvements have been made. Although perfection has not been reached this is a pretty entertaining game."
- Takahara, GameFan December 1993

"Quite frankly, I was surprised that I liked this game as much as I did. Chester has a whole slew of new and amusing animations. Also included are some new moves like Chester's super jump. This game gets knocked down a notch for poor control, but it's still passable."
- Sushi-X, EGM January 1994

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