Above: VictorMaxx presents "Rainbow Resolution Graphics" with their virtual reality headset.
Below: EA actually sent me a birthday card...
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Awesome possum!
Rocket Knight Adventures
8 megabits

Konami continued their support for the Genesis system in 1993 with the release of Rocket Knight Adventures, a scrolling action/critter game that received rave reviews for its game play and graphical prowess alike. Oddly, the game spawned only one sequel before falling into obscurity along with many lesser Genesis platform-game franchises.

"The Rocket Knight team pulled out all the stops to bring you some eye popping special FX like mirror images that mimic your every move (a first on Genesis), incredible warping effects and many other graphic tricks which surprise you throughout the game. They truly work magic on the Genesis."
- GameFan August 1993

"Plenty of levels, technique and great graphics to keep even the most hardened game veteran entertained."
- Mike Weigand, EGM November 1993

"I guess you can see I have some mixed feelings regarding what Rocket Knight Adventures offers the gamer. I felt that the developers had alternating moments of inspiration, mediocrity and boredom with this project."
- Andy Eddy, VideoGames September 1993

Impossamole! Er, wait...
Aero the Acrobat
8 megabits

Speaking of scrolling critter games, it seems that Sunsoft couldn't resist toying with the genre themselves. The fruit of their labour came in the form of Aero the Acrobat, which again was well received but like so many other games of its ilk ended up a casualty of the 16-bit era.

"Aero is an instant classic that is a throw back to the early days of video games. It is not about a hit movie license or the special effect of the week, Aero is just pure, creative game design and play that is challenging and addictive with may different obstacles to be overcome."
- Sgt. Gamer, GameFan October 1993

"Aero is still one spunky bat (and is he cute kiddies? YES!), even on the Genesis! The absence of the excellent music found on the Super NES version is a drawback, but Aero is still a hit!"
- Mike Weigand, EGM January 1994

1993 was the year of the X-Men, it seems.
Spider-Man - X-Men: Arcade's Revenge
Flying Edge
8 megabits

Spider-Man - X-Men: Arcade's Revenge from Flying Edge marks Spidey's third appearance on the Genesis system, if you count The Revenge of Shinobi. Sega's legal department probably wouldn't...

Waiting for the sound of thunder!
Rolling Thunder 3
12 megabits

Mixed reviews greeted Namco's latest entry in the Rolling Thunder series in 1993. Rather than retooling the game for a sequel, however, it seems the house of Pac Man decided to retire the series altogether...

"I'm afraid you'll have to roll out a CD to wake up Rolling Thunder. Back in 1990, this would have rated way high, but one scroll and straight ahead shooting just don't cut it when you look at the competition."
- Skid, GameFan July 1993

"This is a great looking game with an interesting theme, but the game fails in the control and game play department."
- Mike Weigand, EGM December 1993

Where are the Dead or Alive Extreme girls when you need them?
Tecmo Super Bowl
8 megabits

Selectable weather conditions appear to have topped the list of new features to be found in Tecmo Super Bowl, the Genesis debut for Tecmo's popular football series. The gaming press, however, felt that the game didn't offer enough of an upgrade from its NES counterpart to warrant a purchase.

"The Genesis version is essentially a direct port from the old NES game, but with enhanced close-ups and a few options not found in the 8-bit title."
- Talko, GameFan November 1993

"The various Tecmo cinemas that pop up during a play are a nice touch and the digitized voices are very cool, yet the graphics are just slightly better than 8-Bit and there aren't enough plays to make it very strategic."
- Al Manuel, EGM December 1993

Well, at least he has "attitude"...
Vik Tokai
8 megabits

In a way, 1993 became the year of the platform game in much the same way that 1990 had been the year of the scrolling shooter. Into the glut of cutesy scrolling critter games with "attitude" came Socket, a reasonably-well-received-but-ultimately-lost-in-the-shuffle platformer from Vic Tokai.

"Vic Tokai has done an excellent job of creating an original character with an 'electrifying' personality that has play value up the ying yang...a few irritating sound effects but great none the less."
- Sgt. Gamer, GameFan October 1993

Both of their girlfriends were kidnapped? Damn, what an unhappy coincidence...
Joe & Mac
8 megabits

Joe & Mac started life as an arcade game, and was later ported (with mixed results) to the SNES. No doubt because of its release early in the SNES' lifespan, the game suffered from some pretty severe slowdown, and some of the arcade version's levels had to be left out in order to get the game to fit on a cartridge.

What we have here is the Genesis version of Joe & Mac, which by all accounts appears to have been surprisingly faithful to the arcade. Whether or not anyone actually cared by this point, however, is a matter for some debate...

"The levels that were left out of the SNES game are back in the Genesis title and the animation, color and sense of humor that made the original from Data East an arcade hit are all there to the delight of Genesis owners."
- Sgt. Gamer, GameFan December 1993

"This game offers more than the Super NES version in that it is actually closer to the arcade version!"
- Mike Weigand, EGM January 1994

Bill Walsh College Football
Electronic Arts
8 megabits

Not content to have gamers simply purchase a Madden football game once per year, EA came up with the ingenious idea of redressing the game as college football and selling it to the unwashed masses again. Ah, those were the days...

"Graphically, BWCF features very large, well-animated characters in a field perspective that is a little "higher" than the Madden viewpoint. The game makes extensive use of digitized images of Walsh, the fans, coaches, etc. as you make your way through the College Playoff Championship."
- Talko, GameFan September 1993

"The idea of making this with college football teams is almost irrelevant, since it is almost identical to all other football games out there."
- Mike Weigand, EGM October 1993

"While the excellent graphics are similar to the previous EA football games, some of the noticeable improvements include more detailed player animations, larger close-up windows, brighter colors and wow! how 'bout those cheerleaders!"
- Jeffrey Tschiltsch, VideoGames September 1993

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