Sega's latest game poster. Note the redesigned Genesis and Sega CD systems. Here we have the Sega CD version of Ecco the Dolphin, featuring a new soundtrack by Spencer Nilsen and thrilling FMV intermissions.

"Ghaleon, what are you DOING?!"
Lunar - The Silver Star
Working Designs / Game Arts

Working Designs had the honour of bringing the Sega CD its first RPG, Lunar - The Silver Star, in 1993. Originally developed by Game Arts in Japan, Lunar is a somewhat traditional experience, featuring a large overworld, turn-based battles and numerous anime intermissions.

What really sets Lunar apart for me, however, are its engaging characters and storyline (made all the more compelling by Working Designs' lively voice-acting and translation) and its fantastic CD soundtrack. You really find yourself wanting to help Alex rescue Luna, and the wistful, almost dreamlike music that accompanies the onscreen action really helps to underscore the sadness and urgency of your quest.

Indeed, the Lunar series has obviously struck a chord with gamers the world over, as new games and remakes alike have appeared on such systems as the PlayStation, Saturn, and GameBoy Advance.

We're still waiting for part three, though...

"I played through the import version of Lunar and I cannot express to you how much better it is in English, especially with the new touches that Working Designs has added."
- E. Storm, GameFan November 1993

"Imagine Final Fantasy on the Sega CD but with better graphics, music, and one of the greatest stories ever told, and you have Lunar. It is also one of the longest RPGs that I have ever played on CD." - , "
- The Enquirer, GameFan December 1993

"Just love that title song! RPG fans will definitely want to check out this adventure game that has some absolutely beautiful music (courtesy of the CD) absent in some RPGs."
- Mike Weigand, EGM December 1993

Well, at least it's "Activated".
Best of the Best Championship Karate
Electro Brain
8 megabits

Looking ever-so-similar to Andre Panza Kickboxing for the TurboGrafx-16, Electro Brain's Best of the Best Championship Karate was released for the Genesis in 1993 amid little fanfare and subsequently disappeared...

"Maybe it's because I've never kick-boxed, nor do I have any desire to do so, but I just couldn't get into this game."
- Sgt. Gamer, GameFan June 1993

You sunk my... Oh, never mind.
Super Battleship
8 megabits

I haven't been able to glean much info about Super Battleship, but from what I can tell it appears to have been a souped up video version of the classic head-to-head naval strategy game of the same name..

Where's Dr. Tongue when you need him?
Jim Power - The Lost Dimension in 3D
Electro Brain
8 megabits

For whatever reason, 3D has never really caught on in either film or video games. The most extensive use of the effect in the game world came in the form of the SegaScope 3D glasses available for the Sega Master System, but even that high tech solution failed to ignite much interest amongst the general populace and has since been largely forgotten.

As such, one has to give Electro Brain some credit for attempting to create a truly effective and entertaining 3D game with Jim Power - The Lost Dimension in 3D. Despite its apparently rather convincing 3D effect, however, it seems Jim Power was unable to escape the same fate that has met every other game that has attempted to shatter the third dimension.

"Does it work? We tested both games in the VideoGames offices - even darkened the lights for optimum viewing conditions - and the answer is a resounding yes! It's not "true" 3-D, but you'll swear that there's depth in the screen."
- Chris Bieniek, VideoGames November 1993

"You're sitting around, eating pizza with your buddies when someone brings it up."
Greatest Heavyweights
16 megabits

I have to admit that I'm not really into boxing games, but there seems to have been something of a rash of them for the Genesis system in 1993. Greatest Heavyweights appears to have been a cut above Buster Douglas, though, which has to count for something...

"GH is really the first Genesis boxing game to require that you think before you let the leather fly. Because of this emphasis on strategy versus heavy arcade action, Greatest Heavyweights will keep boxing fans busy for a long, long time."
- Talko, GameFan December 1993

Bang the moguls!
Winter Olympic Games
U.S. Gold
8 megabits

Multi-event Olympics inspired video games never seem to turn out very well, and sadly from what I can gather U.S. Gold's Winter Olympic Games is no exception.

Still, if one were ever to find oneself having an insatiable desire to luge, this game might be just what you need...

I wonder how they got the free ball into the box...
Pele Soccer
8 megabits

Accolade's first attempt at a soccer simulation on Genesis, Pele Soccer ultimately found itself lost in the FIFA shuffle, despite its free ball...

"A fast-moving soccer game for one or two players, Pele! also includes digitized scenes of the champ in window of full-motion video action."
- Chris Bieniek, VG&CE August 1993

Yet more Genesis soccer action from Ascii.
Pro Moves Soccer
8 megabits

It seemed like boxing and soccer simulations were everywhere for the Genesis system in 1993. Pro Moves Soccer was interesting in its own right, however, because of how Ascii attempted to use the game to shill their asciiPad line of six-button controllers...

"ASCII Ware's Pro Moves Soccer is an entertaining game that would have been one of the contenders in last year's season, but couldn't quite make the playoffs this year."
- Dr. E, GameFan December 1993

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