The "specs" for the SNES CD-ROM. Perhaps Sega hoped this free video would keep players away from EA's games...

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms II
4 megabits

Koei's complex military simulation series makes its debut on the Genesis system. There were apparently NES and SNES versions of Romance II as well.

4 megabits

Gemfire was apparently another strategy game from Koei, although in this case it featured some RPG elements as well.

The "horrific" Splatterhouse 2 ad...
Splatterhouse 2
8 megabits

Splatterhouse 2 was part of a growing number of TurboGrafx-16 franchises (such as the Valis series and Devil Crash) that jumped ship to the more commercially successful Genesis system.

"Splatterhouse 2 comes off as little more than a repeat performance, more of the same hack-and-slash that was featured in its predecessor. While this game may please those who liked the previous effort, Splatterhouse 2 does nothing to advance the genre."
- Clayton Walnum, VG&CE June 1992

"Overall an excellent game and the best Genesis game so far this year."
- Ed Semrad, EGM June 1992

"The game play is a total pattern ... and you could program a controller to finish the game perfectly."
- Bart, Mega Play July/August 1992

"Unlike most tedious Strategy RPGs!"
4 megabits

For reasons unknown, Treco decided to retitle the first Genesis Langrisser game Warsong. I don't know what if any impact this move had on the game's North American sales but, if nothing else, Warsong appears to have gone on to inspire Sega's own Shining Force series.

Warsong won the award for "Best Strategy Video Game" in Video Games & Computer Entertainment's "Best Games of 1992 Awards."

"Warsong is cool for the kind of game it is. I don't care for war simulators and this isn't that impressive."
- Bart, Mega Play March/April 1992

Olympic Gold
U.S. Gold
4 megabits

The surprisingly timely Olympic Gold arrived just in time to cash in on the Barcelona Olympic Summer Games. It was released by U.S. Gold, the people who would eventually bring you Flashback...

Have "the slime of your life."
Slime World
4 megabits

Slime World started life as one of the more popular Atari Lynx games. The Genesis version featured split screen two-player action, but since the Lynx version allowed up to eight systems to be linked together it's unlikely too many players were impressed.

"With Renovation's Genesis version of this Lynx hit, you'll embark on a sickening journey through the scum-drenched caverns of Slime World, and, believe me, you want to do that on an empty stomach."
- Clayton Walnum, VG&CE August 1992

"Although the presentation is slightly better than the small screen version, the overall mission is the same and, in my opinion, remains awkward and flat."
- Steve Harris, EGM July 1992

Not to be confused with Master of Monsters or Beast Wrestler...
Fighting Masters
4 megabits

Fighting Masters was a one-on-one fighting game from Treco, before one-on-one fighting games became all the rage with Street Fighter II. Game critics of the day were underwhelmed.

"There's little else - make that nothing else - besides the one-on-one grudge matches; no chance to earn new abilities, no unexpected plot developments (it would have been nice to be ganged up on occasionally by two or three creatures at once), nothing."
- Bob Strauss, VG&CE July 1992

No word on where the Queen Salmon went...
King Salmon
Sage's Creation
4 megabits

Electronic fishing simulations have never held much interest for me, except possibly as an amusing diversion from the game proper in Animal Crossing. Nevertheless, Sage's Creation appears to have had little trouble reeling in rave reviews for King Salmon...

"Trolling along the lake in search of fish can be most relaxing! A nice change of pace in a world of shooters and fighting games."
- Martin Alessi, EGM August 1992

"King Salmon is incredibly repetitive, but also incredibly entertaining!"
- Bart, Mega Play July/August 1992

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