"Sources are indicating that the coprocessor which will be in the S-NES CD-ROM System Cart will clock out at an unbelievable 21 MHz."
- EGM Express, EGM June 1992

EA's ads all start to look a bit samey after a while...
Bulls Vs. Lakers & The NBA Playoffs
Electronic Arts
8 megabits

There's not really much I can say about Bulls vs. Lakers, except that it was Electronic Arts' latest revision of their Genesis basketball engine and it garnered rave reviews upon its release.

Apparently the Celtics weren't good enough for Rev 2...

"This is exactly the type of basketball action I've been waiting for on the Genesis! Smooth graphics, excellent sound effects, rock tight control, and added player statistics are just the thing for an awesome game [of] video basketball!"
- Sushi-X, EGM June 1992

"Everything you ever wanted in a basketball cart is here, plus a few extra goodies like instant replay!"
- Bart, Mega Play July/August 1992

Arch Rivals
Flying Edge
4 megabits

At the opposite end of the NBA spectrum we have Flying Edge/Acclaim's Arch Rivals, which apparently wasn't much of a rival for Bulls vs. Lakers in terms of sales or critical acceptance.

"Arch Rivals' graphics are plain and uninspired, not even close to what the Genesis can do. The players lack detail, and some of the close-up graphics shown after a basket is scored are downright ugly."
- Zach Meston, VG&CE August 1992

"Baseball so real it's..." zzzzz...
R.B.I. Baseball 4
8 megabits

The R.B.I. series started life on the NES, and was apparently successful enough on that platform to warrant the release of the fourth game on the Genesis system. Personally, I still think Tommy Lasorda looks better...

"Now this is the way baseball should be played! RBI 4 has excellent control and more importantly, rhythm! You can just feel the control as you whip the ball around the bases for a double-play!"
- Sushi-X, EGM October 1992

Behold: The first tennis game on Genesis.
Jennifer Capriati Tennis
4 megabits

Why exactly it took so long for someone to release a tennis game for the Genesis system is unclear, but I suppose it's not surprising that Renovation got there first. The sheer magnitude of their Genesis catalogue put the odds in their favour...

In an interesting historical footnote, the Jennifer Capriati license appears to have only been used for the North American release of this game. The anime "super-deformed" look of the players on screen betrays the game's unlicensed Japanese origins.

Data East: Masters of subtle innuendo.
Side Pocket
Data East
8 megabits

I suppose at some point every game system has to have a pool simulation, so consider Side Pocket Data East's attempt to fill the void on Genesis.

"The game is geared for the adult crowd and the many different women hanging around the tables [shows] off the Genesis' digitized graphics."
- Martin Alessi, EGM July 1992

"I didn't like the use of women for sex appeal."
- G.O.G., Mega Play July/August 1992

There's nothing quite like testicular-injury-humour...
World Trophy Soccer
4 megabits

Soccer simulations have always been more popular in Europe than North America, so it comes as no real surprise to learn that World Trophy Soccer was published by a UK company like Virgin.

What is surprising is that this game started life as J League Champion Soccer and was developed by Game Arts...

Wizards and warriors.
4 megabits

Based on the arcade game of the same name, Cadash made its way to the Genesis system in 1992. Working Designs claimed that their TurboGrafx-16 version of the game was superior, but I suppose they would...

The first appearance of Warner Bros. characters on the Genesis system.
Taz Mania
4 megabits

Taz Mania's graphics look surprisingly detailed in screenshots, which comes as a surprise considering the game's small cartridge ROM. I haven't played this one personally, but the critics raved...

"Sega is definitely on the right track with this super cart! Not only will they capture the younger audience and their parents, but the better players will enjoy the challenge once they get through the easier levels."
- Ed Semrad, EGM August 1992

"The graphics in Taz are utterly astounding, but the sound effects could use some work."
- Bart, Mega Play July/August 1992

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