A "Gametronix" ad for various gaming wares... ...and the "DieHard" crew exceed their monthly exclamation mark quota!!!!!

Check out those jewels...
Dungeons & Dragons Warriors Of The Eternal Sun
8 megabits

There weren't very many "western" RPGs released for the Genesis system, so in that respect Warriors of the Eternal Sun is somewhat unique.

Most of the game play takes place from the traditional overhead perspective, but the player is treated to a first person Phantasy Star-ish view inside caves and dungeons. The music is also quite groovy in places, which is kind of surprising when you compare this game to other western efforts in the genre like Might & Magic.

While not particularly spectacular, I enjoyed Warriors of the Eternal Sun. If nothing else, it was a nice change of pace from all of the fighting and platforming games being released at the time.

Warriors Of The Eternal Sun won Video Games & Computer Entertainment's "Best Role-Playing Video Game" award in their "Best Games of 1992" feature.

"Hey, this is a good quest! I thoroughly enjoy the overhead perspective instead of first-person for reason of sanity. The control is very good, and the quest is fun enough to warrant a look-see."
- Sushi-X, EGM May 1992

"I don't know how to classify this game. It has very little to appeal to D & D fans and it just doesn't have what RPG fans are looking for."
- Mike, Mega Play May/June 1992

Sega went all "artsy" B&W with this ad...
Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing
4 megabits

Sega's second Genesis boxing effort featured the endorsement of Evander Holyfield. I don't know much about boxing, but history seems to have treated Holyfield better than Buster Douglas, so Sega's change of allegiance appears to have been a wise one...

"The smooth rotating ring lifts this title above the rest."
- Mike, Mega Play July/August 1992

Tecmo Super Bowl
4 megabits

Tecmo Bowl was a popular "no-brains-required" football game for the NES console. Tecmo apparently felt that what the Genesis library really lacked was a good football simulation, so they decided to bring their franchise to Sega's system...

A game like this comes along once every year...
Team USA Basketball
Electronic Arts
8 megabits

Once again demonstrating their considerable skill at repackaging an existing game and calling it something new, Electronic Arts released a reworked version of Bulls vs Lakers as Team USA Basketball in time to cash in on the Barcelona Summer Olympics. To help boost sales, the game was advertised as a "limited edition". Get it while supplies last!

"The game play is very good and basketball fans will want to get this limited edition before it's gone."
- Martin Alessi, EGM EGM September 1992

64K RAM!
Uncharted Waters
8 megabits

Koei ventured into Uncharted Waters with this release, which... er, I have never played. I'm going to go out on a limb, though, and assume the game involved some kind of detailed military strategy...

From this angle the Predator looks a bit like Whoopi Goldberg...
Predator 2
8 megabits

I've never been terribly interested in the whole Predator franchise, so I've unfortunately not played this game. That being said, there was a lot of fun to be had playing as the Predator character in Jaguar AVP, so perhaps I missed out...

Gadget Twins
8 megabits

This scrolling shooter from Gametek appears to have had a rather unique graphical style, but the game critics of the day were not impressed.

"Gadget Twins is a lackluster side-view scroller. That's a shame, considering the designers of this title probably tried to put a spin on an overused genre. Yet there's no escaping the fact that, though Gadget Twins is by no means terrible, it does fall below the standards of the average shooter."
- Howard Wen, VG&CE December 1992

Mystical Fighter
4 megabits

Mystical Fighter appears to have been a side scrolling fighting game with graphics inspired by Japanese "kabuki" theatre. The original game was developed by Taito, the people who brought you Sagaia!

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