Battle across phone lines and different consoles! The Game Genie comes to Genesis, and Sega didn't even have to sue anybody...

Egad! They've heisted my HyperStones!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist
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It took a long time, but eventually Sega managed to woo Konami into making Genesis games. Starting out slow with titles like Sunset Riders, Konami would eventually grace Sega's 16-bitter with cult classics like Castlevania: Bloodlines and Contra: Hard Corps.

"Hot dang!"
Sunset Riders
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Sunset Riders was a translation of a Konami arcade game which I have sadly never played. The Genesis conversion was apparently sort of mediocre...

"With all of the levels of the coin-op and a higher difficulty level, Sunset Riders would be dreamy. As it is now, it's a good game, but nothing to go mental over."
- Zach Meston, VG&CE January 1993

Road Rash II
Electronic Arts
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Road Rash II added a two player split screen mode and enhanced graphics to the already well received original title. No word on why the game wasn't called Road Rash '93...

"In one player mode, the detail is much better than Road Rash I, with more cars, obstacles, and action. Wielding the chain is deadly, and the new sound effects really pop!"
- Sushi-X, EGM January 1993

Out Of This World
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Out of This World was the first game in Delphine's eerie rotoscoped adventure series, with the Genesis version apparently running faster than its SNES counterpart but with less impressive audio. For me, however, the main event was yet to come with Flashback's release in early 1993.

"Truly amazing! Other than Sonic 2 OOTW is easily the best thing to come to the Genesis all year. The graphics are exceptional, the game play is challenging and you really have to think to get through this game."
- Ed Semrad, EGM February 1993

I say Corporation, you say CyberCop...
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Advertised and reviewed in 1991 as Corporation, this game eventually made it to stores in North America titled CyberCop. Unfortunately, the delayed release didn't seem to help the game much in terms of its critical reception...

"I like the idea behind this cart but the Genesis cannot handle polygon graphics very well. If the graphics were smoother and the game play had more response (it's just too jerky to really enjoy) then this cart would be much more interesting."
- Martin Alessi, EGM June 1992

"The game really aggravated me from start to end. The play control, music and game play were all substandard."
- G.O.G., Mega Play May/June 1992

Not just some sissy Battletank, this is Super Battletank!
Super Battletank
Absolute Entertainment
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Another game set in the middle of the first Gulf War, Super Battletank made its way to the Genesis and SNES consoles in 1992.

Average feeble bump!
Super High Impact
8 megabits

Yet another Genesis football game, Super High Impact's print ad emphasised the game's hard-hitting, kick-ass nature. For those who think Madden and Montana are wimps, I guess...

Screenshots not included, either...
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I suppose every console has to have a Superman game sooner or later. This one came and went without much fanfare, in stark contrast to all of the hype surrounding Sunsoft's other superhero title, Batman.

"Sunsoft has done an okay job of rationing Superman's powers, although not being able to fly during the ground stages is just plain silly. When I jumped for - and missed - a power-up in one of the ground stages, I muttered, "Gee, too bad I can't fly." (Yeah, I'm one of those players who talks to himself when he screws up.)"
- Zach Meston, VG&CE January 1993

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