"The Saturn is a very troubled project. A lot of people don't believe it will ever be marketed outside of Japan - so these factors will make the market a lot less cluttered."
- Trip Hawkins, Next Generation Premiere Issue

I wonder if AfterBurner would count as "cute little computer animation"?
Tomcat Alley

One of the better-received full-motion video titles for Sega CD, Tomcat Alley sets itself apart from the pack with full screen video and mercifully brief load times. This is somewhat faint praise, however, as those two qualities also describe just about every other non-FMV game on the market at the time...

"What makes this game work is the fact that somehow Sega has managed to cut the loading time to next to nothing. Because of this there is no break in the action. Sega has managed to breathe new life into the FMV experience."
- GameFan May 1994

"About the only thing I like is that it uses the entire TV screen."
- Al Manuel EGM May 1994

From the people who brought you Willy Beamish!
Rise Of The Dragon

Based on the PC title of the same name, the Sega CD version of Dynamix's graphic adventure features voice acting and the rarely-seen MA-17 game rating.

"An almost-perfect translation of the PC title. Rise of the Dragon has a richly-deserved MA-17 rating. This one captures its gritty future incredibly well, with atmospheric graphics, but the problem is there is almost no replay value."
- Mike Weigand, EGM June 1994

Where's Patrick Stewart?

Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi series made its way to the Sega CD in 1994. This version apparently features video footage from the David Lynch film.

Force feedback.
Rebel Assault

Another on-rails FMV-based shooter, Rebel Assault was sadly never able to live up to the massive amount of hype preceding its release. Sort of like The Phantom Menace, actually...

"RA is one of those games that seems lame in the beginning, but grows on you after a while. Although the graphics were grainy at times, the music is great and the CG levels are spectacular."
- K. Lee, GameFan July 1994

"This game had so much hype around it, it's almost sad that it came off so badly, particularly due to limitations of the Sega CD. The color palette is so poor in many scenes that you never know you're going to hit something until it's too late."
- Danyon Carpenter, EGM July 1994

Star Trek The Next Generation: Echoes From The Past
16 megabits

Better perhaps in theory than in execution, Sega's Star Trek The Next Generation sadly appears to have squandered the use of a good license and received mixed reviews upon release.

"I like the concept behind this one and it's fun to play, but not without shortcomings. There's this recurring tendency of your character to not move the way you want them to."
- Danyon Carpenter, EGM June 1994

"No Geeks Allowed"
Hardball '94
8 megabits

The latest baseball game from Accolade, the people who brought you Ishido - The Way of Stones...

Not the most aesthetically pleasing ad ever produced...
Pele Presents The Road To The Cup
8 megabits

Somehow Pele managed to get his name on a second Genesis soccer game. Fans were no doubt ecstatic.

The second Mario game for Genesis!
Mario Andretti Racing
Electronic Arts
8 megabits

Mario Andretti Racing is somewhat unique in that it features three kinds of racing: Indy cars, stock cars, and dirt track.

"Tons of options, two-player action and excellent scrolling are a few of the key elements in this racer."
- Mike Weigand, EGM June 1994

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