Taito tantalises RPG fans with the impending release of Lufia... ...while Sega lays the groundwork for the 32X launch.

The holy grail of Sega CDs...

Konami's Sega CD version of their digital comic game Snatcher is, to this day, one of the most highly sought-after titles on the system. Created by Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear Solid fame), Snatcher features a deep and involving storyline filled with compelling characters and mature themes.

At a time when many anime-style games like this were being left in Japan, the release of Snatcher in North America proved to be a bold experiment by Konami, but ultimately an experiment that would never be repeated.

"Simply EVERYTHING about this game is totally perfect, from the beautiful graphics that haven't lost anything in the conversion from 512 colors to 64, to the music, which is actually BETTER on the Sega-CD, to the flawless narration and voice acting."
- Nick Rox, GameFan December 1994

"By applying a software technique, we managed to increase the on-screen display colors to 112. We also changed the color pallets around so we're happy about the display quality."
- Yoshinori "Moai" Sasaki (assistant manager, R & D Dept. VI, Konami Co., Ltd), EGM January 1995

"For Sega CD, this is mildly ground breaking."
- Next Generation Premiere Issue

Konami: Kings of Subtlety!
Contra Hard Corps
16 megabits

Known more for its insane level of difficulty than its engrossing play, Contra Hard Corps nevertheless finally let Genesis owners play Konami's flagship action series.

"One hit and you're dead. Grab the import if you can... lucky Japanese gamers get a life bar!"
- K. Lee, GameFan October 1994

Ball bustin' aliens!
Rock 'N Roll Racing
Interplay / Blizzard
8 megabits

Rock 'N Roll Racing finally made the jump from the SNES to the Genesis in 1994 with little fanfare. We're still waiting for World of Rock 'N Roll Racing, Blizzard!

Losing bites.
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
16 megabits

This scrolling action/adventure sequel to the original Atari 2600 Pitfall was well received for its high quality animation and engaging game play. The Mayan Adventure ultimately went on to be released for just about every gaming platform known to man, including Sega CD, 32X, SNES, Game Boy and even the Atari Jaguar...

Yet another platform game makes its way to the Genesis.
The Pagemaster
Fox Interactive
16 megabits

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of Macaulay Culkin on the Genesis, Fox Interactive ushered forth The Pagemaster. Doubtless fans of Home Alone were overjoyed...

"This game would be enjoyable, but the control just isn't there."
- Mike Weigand, EGM December 1994

"Fuzzy blue rats can't skateboard."
Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures
12 megabits

If this missing-the-point sequel has one redeeming feature, it would undoubtedly be the inclusion of the original Pac-Man as a bonus game...

EA branching out into new territory.
NHL '95
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

In a surprise move, EA decided to update its NHL series again in 1994...

"The only thing missing is the perenially-popular fighting (evidently the NHL thought it was bad for their image), though the players are bigger, faster, and the goalies are tougher."
- Next Generation Premiere Issue

Ready for another 24?
NBA Live '95
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

...and while they were at it, EA's programmers figured NBA Live needed sprucing up as well.

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