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Prepare to be unprepared.
Mortal Kombat II
24 megabits

By 1994, Nintendo had apparently forgotten about its moral outrage over the number of violent games available for Sega's systems, as they allowed the SNES conversion of Mortal Kombat II to be released with all of the violent content from the arcade game intact.

With the gore-playfield having been levelled, as it were, the SNES version of the game bested its Genesis counterpart as the conversion of choice in 1994, due largely to its superior graphics and sampled sounds.

"The music could have been a little better and there are a few sound samples missing here and there, but I still consider it to be one of the best arcade to home translations on the Genesis."
- K. Lee, GameFan October 1994

"Although the graphics are good, they are slightly inferior to the Super NES. The same goes with the music, sound effects, speech, and game play. Overall, this is probably the best fighting game for the Genesis."
- Al Manuel, EGM October 1994

Wait until she sees Cloverfield...
Urban Strike
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

The latest game in EA's Strike franchise featured more of the same isometric shooting action of its predecessors, but in an urban setting this time...

"With all the great scenery, Urban Strike should be the best Strike game yet, but there's nothing new in the gameplay department, which is a shame."
- Next Generation Premiere Issue

Outrunners and, er... Fighter's History?
Data East
16 megabits

Sega's 32-Bit arcade sequel to Outrun came to the Genesis in 1994 from Data East. There was really never any hope that the Genesis would be able to produce comparable graphics to the arcade version of Outrunners, but it makes a valiant effort here nonetheless. The game is somewhat unusual, however, in that it is perpetually stuck in a somewhat cramped-looking split-screen mode, making it look even less impressive than it might otherwise have been...

"In the graphics category, bridges and hills lie ahead along with those trademark Sega chunky sprites that I almost welcome now. Hey, they've come a long way since Thunder Blade... only half as many chunks now."
- E. Storm, GameFan July 1994

Yet more FMV action from American Laser Games.
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold
American Laser Games

Mad Dog II apparently features the "longest interactive battle ever filmed". Not being a fan of FMV games, I've never played this one so I can't comment on how much this scene adds to the overall experience...

Jam with the wild things.

The glut of Genesis platform games began to give way to a glut of fighting games in 1994. Here we have Brutal, which attempts to set itself apart from the pack with cartoon-like graphics and CD quality sounds.

"The concept of having to defeat opponents to learn special attacks is cool, but may be too strange for die-hard fighting game lovers."
- Danyon Carpenter, EGM August 1994

The mayhem continues...
Clay Fighter
16 megabits

The SNES fighting game Clay Fighter finally made its way to the Genesis system in 1994. I suppose this series must have done all right, as Interplay is currently planning to revive the franchise alongside Earthworm Jim...

"Everything on the Super NES version has been faithfully carried over - all the moves, all the fighters and, remarkably, clear and crisp voices!"
- Mike Weigand, EGM September 1994

Exciting play modes?
College Football's National Championship
16 megabits

It appears that one football game per year from Sega and EA was not enough for fans of the sport, as Sega's College Football's National Championship will attest...

At least badminton doesn't stop every fifteen seconds...
Bill Walsh College Football '95
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

...as, indeed, will Bill Walsh College Football '95...

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