Some rather intriguing extra-sleek Sega Saturn concept art. Tommy Tallarico presents his first game music CD.

Fatal Fury fighting buddy?
Fatal Fury 2
24 megabits

The second game in the Fatal Fury series made its way to the Genesis in June of 1994, and received favourable reviews upon its release (even from EGM!).

"In all the important categories (sound, animation, graphics, and music) the Sega game can more than hold its own against its Nintendo counterpart. Where it truly stands out most of all, is in the category of speed and play control."
- K. Lee, GameFan May 1994

"All the fighters, all the stages, and extra options not in the arcade (like a speed setting) make this another fine conversion of a Neo Geo title."
- Mike Weigand, EGM August 1994

Yes, golf existed before Tiger Woods...
PGA European Tour
Electronic Arts
8 megabits

This version of PGA Golf features European players and tournaments, but is otherwise largely the same as the other titles in EA's series.

I suspect they'd call it football in Europe...
Championship Soccer '94
Sony Imagesoft

Championship Soccer '94 from Sony Imagesoft was yet another game in the increasingly long line of Genesis soccer simulations released in 1994.

"Sooner or later you're going to get beaned."
MLBPA Baseball
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

Due to a somewhat unusual licensing situation, MLBPA Baseball features real players and stats but lacks actual team names. The Genesis version of the game is notable for its battery backup save feature, while SNES users were stuck with a password system.

Shut up and jam.
16 megabits

One-on-one street basketball made its way to the Genesis in 1994 with Virgin's Jammit, featuring digitised graphics and a variety of urban locales.

"The game plays pretty well, but could use some tweaking to get it right. With two players, it's great competition since the computer can make a shot from practically anywhere."
- Danyon Carpenter, EGM February 1994

No SportsTalk?
World Championship Soccer II
16 megabits

Similar to the first game in Sega's soccer series, World Championship Soccer II's new features include the addition of the 1994 World Cup teams.

"The control isn't the problem with this one, it's the presentation: the players look awkward bobbing up and down on the field, and the slanted perspective also hinders things."
- Mike Weigand, EGM July 1994

"Order your tanks to open fire!"
Operation Europe
8 megabits

Operation Europe allows players to take charge of either the Axis or Allied forces during World War II in a game of strategic conquest.

Not to be confused with Revenge of Shinobi...
Revenge Of The Ninja

Similar to other cartoon-based games like Time Gal or Dragon's Lair, Revenge Of The Ninja features impressive FMV sequences but limited interactivity.

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