Lufia's launch delay would turn out to be permanent... A snippet from the Tides of Time television commercial.

Beware the racoon militia!
Keio Flying Squadron

I always rather liked the look of this cutesy anime shooter, but for some reason I never ended up trying it. An even cooler looking sequel was eventually released for the Saturn, but it didn't appear to receive much fanfare either, unfortunately.

"This must be one of the best shooters ever to appear on the Sega CD!"
- Mike Weigand, EGM January 1995

Special Champion Edition!
Fatal Fury Special

Basically an improved version of SNK's Fatal Fury 2, Special was praised upon release for its large cast of characters and its merciful load times.

It's not exactly The Matrix, is it?
The Lawnmower Man
Time Warner Interactive

Another game with a prominent movie license, The Lawnmower Man was released for the Genesis, Sega CD and SNES, but none of the games were particularly well-received (much like the movie, in fact...).

"The variety of games is a good option, but the overall appeal of the whole theme seems tired by now."
- Mike Weigand, EGM January 1995

Members of the Vanna White fan club rejoice...
Wheel Of Fortune
Sony Imagesoft

Wheel of Fortune is another one of those games that seems to come out for every system without anyone really noticing. I suppose somebody must buy them...

Rated M for Mature.
The Itchy & Scratchy Game
16 megabits

The Itchy & Scratchy Game added itself to the pile of mediocre Simpsons platform games in 1994. Somehow, even excessive cartoon violence couldn't save this one.

You sunk my battleship!
Parker Brothers
8 megabits

I can't seem to find much info on this game, so I'm not sure if it was ever actually released. Several computer versions of Risk have come out over the years, though, so I suppose the Genesis port was probably similar to those...

MacGyver in space!
16 megabits

Based on the film of the same name (not the TV show with Richard Dean Anderson), Stargate is a side-scrolling action game from Probe, the people who brought you Alien 3...

EA tackles tennis, for a change.
IMG Tennis
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

EA's first Genesis foray into the world of professional tennis features a wide assortment of licensed players, and advice from coach Vic Braden. I wouldn't be surprised if Madden made a cameo in there somewhere as well...

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