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Working Designs

Working Designs' second Sega CD RPG, Vay was a somewhat more straightforward game than Lunar, but it nevertheless provided a welcome break from the seemingly unending barrage of FMV titles on the system.

"What sets this RPG apart from the rest is the brilliant storytelling throughout the adventure. WD has incorporated extra personality and humor into just about every facet of the game."
- Takahara, GameFan July 1994

"Gamers who aren't necessarily RPG nuts may not be drawn to this title, but it's nice to see more games like this for the system."
- Mike Weigand, EGM August 1994

The tornado with teeth?
Taz In Escape From Mars
16 megabits

This sequel is generally regarded as being superior to the original game, although contemporary reviewers were quick to criticise the game's high level of difficulty.

"My one complaint with Taz 2 is that, in certain places, it can be very frustrating. Some areas are too difficult - not because of the task, but because the control is not perfectly accurate. The jumping is still a little floaty, so blind jumps and pinpoint landings take a lot of practice and eat up valuable lives."
- Mr. Goo, GameFan October 1994

"This game is a noticeable improvement over the previous Taz games. The control is much more precise and the new techniques Taz can do really help out in the strategy department."
- Danyon Carpenter, EGM September 1994

Suffering succotash!
Sylvester And Tweety In Cagey Capers
Time Warner Interactive
16 megabits

Warner Bros licenses for Genesis titles were flying fast and furious by 1994, with Sylvester And Tweety In Cagey Capers fitting neatly into the bursting-at-the-seams action/platform genre.

"This sports excellent graphics and sound you have to hear, but after missing that precise jump with the less-than-perfect control, you'll probably get incredibly frustrated."
- Mike Weigand, EGM June 1994

Soul Calibre?
Soul Star
Core Design

Very few games released for the Sega CD ever took advantage of the system's sophisticated scaling and rotation features. Soul Star is a notable exception to this rule, with smooth 3D space shooting scenes throughout.

Unfortunately, despite much pre-release hype, Soul Star was not terribly well received upon its release. At one point Core planned to release an improved version of the game for the Atari Jaguar CD system, but it sadly never saw the light of day...

"Scaling, rotation, and even 3-D Doom levels are fantastic, but when mixed with Robin hood tunes and really, really weird control (hold "C" to move up and down??) the game didn't cut it for me."
- Nick Rox, GameFan January 1995

"Listen up, sweet meat..."
Core Design

Battlecorps makes use of Core's 3D scaling engine to create a mission based giant-mecha game.

Battlecorps never quite worked for me... I'm not sure if it was the slow pace of the game play or the bizarre cast of characters that turned me off, but I lost interest rather quickly and it seems the gaming press of the day felt the same way.

"Bitmaps that look fine if you fly by them look blocky walking up to them."
- Next Generation Premiere Issue

"The visual effects, like the scaling, are excellent, but the game really needed faster shooting action. Fans of AH3 will love this game, guaranteed."
- The Enquirer, GameFan August 1994

More than 50 offensive configurations!
Troy Aikman NFL Football
16 megabits

Troy Aikman NFL Football seems to have come and gone largely unnoticed by anyone, set adrift in a sea of Madden and Montana-infested waters...

A little too real.
Tecmo Super Baseball
16 megabits

Tecmo's play for baseball game supremacy came in the form of Tecmo Super Baseball, another Genesis sports game that was ignored while Sega and EA's franchises took all the glory.

"Enchanted high tops make you invincible!"
Michael Jordan: Chaos In The Windy City
Electronic Arts
16 megabits

I guess Shaq-Fu wasn't enough to deter EA from developing another action game featuring a famous basketball player, in this case Michael Jordan. I despair, I really do...

Er, anyway... for reasons unknown, EA appears to have abandoned this title before it was set loose on the unsuspecting public.

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